List of common questions and answers

Once the website is finalised and live, we will be available for initial 30days support.

If our support is required post 30 days, we can be available on annual support program which covers set of activities associated to your website maintenance/support.

As soon as we receive everything we need from you (the information you want displayed on your website, photos , etc.) we will design your website and upload it to the Internet. In total it is possible to have your website up and fully functional within two weeks. However, for complex sites with databases and Content Management Systems, it will take longer depending on the complexity of the work.

** assumption: the domain is already registered/ hosting package is already in place. if domain/ hosting package is not available, we can add another 2-3 days to have these tasks.

Our service is more towards design and development, we do not host server or manage domain registration; but we always assist our client to take those baby steps to get their business online, which include working with domain registration company for domain registration and hosting server selections.

We build your website using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, so that you can maintain your own content. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll do our best to make it all happen!

  • Getting to know your business.
  • Agreement on the payment plan and partial payment in advance before design task is initiated.
  • Designing your web site.
  • The development phase.
  • Test and review for any changes.
  • Complete and make the website live.